Digitise the pathway from referral to treatment

Automate tedious and error prone tasks

Modularise so that work can be shared and collaboration can flourish

Communicate effectively with all involved parties, from patient, to clinician, admin and IT

We are have built Spiritum Duo as a proof-of-concept clinical pathway for lung cancer at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with placement students from Gloucestershire University. We are now looking at implementing this system at both Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for haematological and prostate cancers and Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for sleep medicine. This work will be both open source and modular, so that other disease sites and trusts (UK and abroad) can benefit from this work. This will also make it possible for collaboration on this work.

The plan is to digitise every possible part of the clinical pathways, where it is appropriate and safe to do so, removing the need for paper requests and long emails. The use of automation will help complete tedious tasks, for example downloading referrals, repeatedly looking up test results and will look to speed up the lengthy process of organising referrals and requests.

Communication will be fully integrated into this new system. A mobile device app will be built to streamline the communication with the clinician and the system, allowing them to make quick and safe decisions, and so allowing the patient’s pathway to quickly continue. Patients will receive SMS messages or emails with links to created and curated patient information videos that will explain to them the disease pathway, introduce its staff and give ‘virtual tours’ of the procedures they have been booked for. The hope is through increased patient education, anxieties can be reduced.

For more details about Spirium Duo, please see the ‘Documentation’ link in the menu above. For a more technical breakdown of Spirium Duo please use the ‘Technical’ link.

We will keep you informed of the progress of this work.

In the meantime, if you are interested in collaborating on this work, please get in contact on the details below.