Let’s Talk Digital 2022 conference

Exciting times. We are having a conference to talk about good digital innovation and how to do more of this at the frontline. We need to figure out how to bring down the barriers. Book a place or read more on the event at: https://www.swagcanceralliance.nhs.uk/lets-digital/lets-talk-digital-2022/

Preparing for a stakeholders meeting

We are currently working towards a stakeholders meeting for mid-February. We are collaborating with the Innovation Lab at NHSx (soon to be NHSE) on creating a proof-of-concept clinical app for the lung cancer pathway. It is very exciting to see how the app is progressing with Nick and Joe’s input, and we hope to have […]

So what is Spiritum Duo?

By Mark Bailey Well first of all, Spiritum Duo is Latin for ‘breath’ and ‘two’. What happened to ‘Spiritum Uno’ then you may ask? Well ‘Spiritum’, the first database that I built for my clinical team, was a Microsoft Access 2009 relational database. It was a steep learning cruve. I had never build a database […]