Let’s Talk Digital 2022 conference

Exciting times. We are having a conference to talk about good digital innovation and how to do more of this at the frontline. We need to figure out how to bring down the barriers. Book a place or read more on the event at: https://www.swagcanceralliance.nhs.uk/lets-digital/lets-talk-digital-2022/

Preparing for a stakeholders meeting

We are currently working towards a stakeholders meeting for mid-February. We are collaborating with the Innovation Lab at NHSx (soon to be NHSE) on creating a proof-of-concept clinical app for the lung cancer pathway. It is very exciting to see how the app is progressing with Nick and Joe’s input, and we hope to have […]

I just discovered ‘Git It Write’

So I have been thinking for a while how best to create web material. I recently read on Twitter that you can use git to keep a record of your material. So I did a bit of research and came across the WordPress plugin ‘Git It Write’ by Vaakash. This is a great little plugin […]